Welcome to OpenBrite!

We're the designers of LEDgoes, a revolution in LED marquee technology. There are several additional products in our research & development pipeline.

Our products aim to solve problems or innovate on existing ideas using the latest microcontroller technology, with the end goal of drastically reducing prices for these products and even providing the public with the designs. At OpenBrite, we're just not sure why some products are so darn expensive, and we are setting out to change that to the best of our capacity.

We are believers in open-source hardware and software, and operate solely as an engineering design firm, splitting profits on sales with those selling our products. We have forged several partnerships with skilled manufacturers and production experts, plus retailers and fulfillment centers to sell LEDgoes modules worldwide, and hope to work with these fine businesses on future endeavors.

This site is still a placeholder for future content. Learn more about LEDgoes and contact us at the LEDgoes home page.

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